Why You Shouldn’t Jailbreak An iPhone

Why You Shouldn’t Jailbreak An iPhone

Jailbreaking is said to open an entire world of possibilities for an iPhone  owner but you should definitely not go for it without first considering the disadvantages it brings with it. It’s true that the software tools you can use to jailbreak iPhone  devices are pretty safe these days but even the safest tool of the kind will cause you to lose some important features that iPhones deliver by default.


First to go will be safety and stability. It’s true that jailbreaking will contribute to the smartphone’s functionality but it has also been proven to cause unexpected behaviors. You will be on your own when dealing with every single crash, and although there are various troubleshooting tools that can provide some assistance, it won’t be that easy to get to the bottom of each and every problem when the device is jailbroken. There are also security experts that say the new possibilities bring along new vulnerabilities, so you are more likely to become affected by unexpected problems.


Another downside that starts affecting you the moment you decide to jailbreak an iPhone  is related to the impossibility to update the iOS platform as easily and as sooner as usual. That’s because every new iOS update that you decide to install causes the jailbreak to become unavailable. In addition, sometimes you may have to wait a while until a jailbreak that works for the new iOS version you are interested in becomes available. That definitely prevents you from enjoying some of the benefits that come from using the iOS platform.


What’s also a fact is that the Cydia Store apps for which is truly worth jailbreaking an iPhone  tend to cost more than the apps that you can buy from the iTunes App Store. In other words, that new world of possibilities will cost you just as much as Apple’s world.

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